On Saturday night, ETV produced the 1 hour debate between the candidate for Lindsey Graham's US Senate seat.

Several takeaways from the debate and we'll go over a couple

1) Lindsey Graham, whether is was from Bill Connor standing next to him or Connor calling him to task on his various betrayals of conservatives, was extremely nervous and shaken for most of the debate. Bill Connor, much taller in statue and character, repeatedly addressed Lindsey Graham on subjects like his support for Obama US Supreme Court nominees Sotomayor and Kagan to supporting the muslim brotherhood in Egypt.

Graham was totally unable to respond with any sort of justification for his lack of conservative values and stuck to campaign rhetoric to when given the chance to speak. Several times Graham went over his allotted time and once even held his hand up to the moderator to shut him up when told his time was up.

2) None of the candidates, including Lindsey Graham, seem to have a better grip on the issues facing our nation as Connor exhibited during this debate. Not only addressing the problems, Bill Connor offered numerous solutions including vehemently and vocally supporting the dissolution of the Federal Dept of Education.

Of those watching the debate, the only folks saying anyone else dominated the back and forth between candidates is supporting someone other than Connor and unwilling to change. Many have changed their vote to Connor based on the debate and countless undecided voters made up their minds for Bill Connor.

Nothing against Lee Bright, as he did a fine job himself in the debate, but many of his supporters tout his conservative voting record by saying Bill Connor is "untested"

I'd counter that none of them have been "tested" as Connor has from Taliban bullets to fighting the 'establishment' since he spoke at the very first TEA Party event in South Carolina on Feb 27, 2009. No other candidate in this race has had the "old guard" republican elitists like Lindsey Graham unload on them like Bill Connor has.

Untested? I think not.

Connor discusses nearly every important issue for Republicans on his website (click here) and is not only the most conservative candidate in this race, he also understands foreign policy with none of the others even close.

Vote Bill Connor on Tuesday. You'll be doing your state and country a favor.

As for the debate, watch below to find out just what I've said.