Lindsey Graham, as a US Senator, is a ranking member on 4 Senate committees.

Appropriations Committee - Basically in charge of our nations finances.

We are approaching $18 Trillion in debt as a nation, with China holding the notes on most of it. Our spending is out of control and Lindsey Graham has said numerous times he supports raising taxes to pay down that debt

which brings us to...

Budget Committee - Again, we're $18 Trillion in the hole. Initially Graham praised the last budget plan worked out with the Democrats until so many of us caused an uproar regarding the cuts to veterans. Being election season, Lindsey Graham then pandered to crowds by opposing the plan but basically doing nothing about it

which brings us to...

Armed Services Committee - Graham is constantly spewing rhetoric regarding his protection of veterans yet as a leader of the committee he's done absolutely nothing about the atrocities going on in the VA (Veterans Affairs) for years. He also essentially supported the pension cuts for veterans in the latest budget. On top of this, he's supported Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and Egypt, possibly creating an atmosphere for our troops having to fight those he's supporting now.

and last but not least...

Judiciary Committee - this committee is in charge of overseeing the nomination of judges, including the US Supreme Court. Lindsey Graham, in his most important two moments as a ranking member of this committee, chose to vocally support and vote for the Obama nominations of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, both of which voted for Obamacare and against the Defense of Marriage Act.

On Obamacare alone, Lindsey has had multiple chances to prove he's a conservative and he failed to do so. His vote for cloture, allowing funding for Obamacare is nearly has bad as his support of those two liberal Obama Supreme Court Justices.

Lindsey Graham basically has 4 important jobs as a US Senator and he's failed miserably at each and every one of those jobs.

Misleading Campaigner - His fifth job, which is the most important to him, takes place every 5th year of his term when he is forced to run around South Carolina and blast the airwaves with ads touting is conservative values... basically lying to the voters.

Lindsey Graham has had ample opportunity to act as a conservative instead of just playing one on TV.

Will his tactics work yet again?