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Myself and a lot of others have written numerous times regarding Lindsey Graham's actions betraying conservatives, not only in South Carolina, but nationwide. Everything from his support and votes for Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor and Kagan, cloture votes where he helped keep funding for Obamacare AND supporting gun control in stark opposition to our 2nd Amendment rights, AND vocally pushing amnesty for illegal aliens.

That SHOULD be enough for voters in South Carolina to ceremoniously run him out of office on a rail.

Even excluding all those liberal actions, Lindsey Graham is a complete failure in regards to standing up for our conservative values and protecting veterans in this state.

Consider this... The most recent news regarding the fiasco that is the Veterans Administration (VA) is glaring evidence that all this was going on without Lindsey Graham doing a thing about it. All the complaints from veterans, all the deaths of vets awaiting care, all of the vets and families of veterans suffering because our government FAILED to properly do its job.

All of this took place while Lindsey Graham has been a ranking member for the Senate Armed Services and the Veteran's Affairs committees for many years.

In spite of all of Lindsey Graham's campaign promises to protect veterans, he has been much more interested in supporting Obama nominees and making lawbreaking illegal aliens citizens of this country.

How many times have you heard Lindsey Graham get on the news and talk about the lack of care for our veterans? none? that's about right.

He's much more concerned with posturing during election season by spewing about Benghazi (and basically doing nothing about it) and legalizing foreign thieves and murderers than he is concerned with the deaths of our veterans due to lack of services from the VA.

Lindsey Graham is trying to mislead voters with the nauseating TV ads he's blasting the airwaves with.

What are you going to do about it?

Here's a thought. Vote for Bill Connor and fix this problem.