Its time...

For many years I've heard from people throughout South Carolina that Lindsey Graham needs to go.

I don't argue that point at all. In fact, I'm in full agreement. Graham has been one of our two US Senators since 2003, having been in the US House before that. He has repeatedly betrayed the conservative constituents of South Carolina with everything from supporting liberal nominees to the US Supreme Court to pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens. I'm honestly dumbfounded that Graham is considered a conservative by anyone.

Lindsey Graham, in just the last year or so, has been censured by 9 different county GOP executive committees. The only reason that number isn't larger is that most in the state are afraid of him and the power he bullies them with.

Having said all that, its time to make the change and its time for those that truly wish to remove Lindsey Graham from the US Senate to step up and make it happen.

Despite all of the rhetoric from Lindsey Graham's campaign that he's unbeatable, despite the Graham camp misleading the voters with polls designed to show he's winning, despite the moderate, establishment wing of the Republican party force-feeding Lindsey Graham to the public, Lindsey Graham is INDEED beatable in this primary.

Its simple... The number of opponents of Lindsey have each created enough of a following to garner more than 50% of the primary vote all total. Outside of Benjamin Dunn, those individuals will likely all endorse whichever candidate of them meets Graham in a runoff. With all of that support, Lindsey Graham could very well indeed be removed from office. I mentioned Dunn because he is a placement by the Graham camp in the race only to use his own military background to erode support for Bill Connor.

Last night's straw poll in Richland Country was a perfect example of where the race stands. While the Graham campaign brought in a load of straw poll votes in the form of National Guard members "under orders" to pump up Lindsey's numbers, Bill Connor was the highest vote getter of Graham's opponents, nearly doubling the next highest (Bowers) with the others far behind.

Many of us have known all along that Bill Connor was the most likely Graham opponent that could beat him in a runoff and the numbers are starting to show that. In spite of Lindsey Graham pushing those like Lee Bright, Dunn and Det Bowers, Bill Connor has risen to the top of the group of opponents and is giving Graham fits at the moment.

Bill Connor got 131,000 votes just a few years ago statewide while running in a 4 way primary. That scares the Graham camp in a big way and the focus of Graham's campaign has been to keep Connor from gaining momentum and raising funds. The votes Bill Connor received in the last statewide primary alone is more than all the other challengers combined over their entire political history. Connor even received more votes in Lee Bright's state senate district that year than Bright himself did.

Now, you can make sure those tactics by Graham don't work.

You have less than two weeks. Make them count. Organize Connor sign waves in your area. Knock on doors in your neighborhood. Speak to everyone you know in your own sphere of influence. Family, friends, acquaintances, etc... The public will notice the wave of support for Bill Connor leading up to June 10th and the fact that so many of them actually voted for Bill Connor a few short years ago while Lindsey Graham hasn't been on a ballot in 6 years will assure that Bill Connor makes the runoff AND then beats Lindsey Graham with the help of the other candidates.

Its time.

The rubber meets the road now.

No more wishing. No more hoping

Get it done!