I have a few questions for U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham supporters.

Lindsey supported and voted for Sotomayor and Kagan to the US Supreme Court. Does that mean you support liberal judges?

Both of those judges voted against the Defense of Marriage Act and for Obamacare. Does that mean you support Gay Marriage and Obamacare?

Lindsey wanted the Muslim Brotherhood back in power in Egypt. Does that mean you want them in power too?

Lindsey Graham declared war on the TEA Party. Does that mean you are a soldier in his army fighting the TEA Party?

Lindsey Graham wants amnesty for all illegal aliens living in this country. Does that mean you support making lawbreakers legal?

Lindsey Graham went against Jim Demint and supported sovereignty to the United Nations. Does that mean you want to live under the UN?

Lindsey Graham opposed extending the Bush tax cuts effectively cutting the take-home pay of every legally working American. Does that mean you support higher taxes?

Lindsey Graham supported Barack Obama regarding energy taxes and Cap & Trade. Does that mean you support further taxes?

Lindsey Graham Praised Hillary Clinton and her prospects for higher office calling her "smart, prepared and serious". Does that mean you support Hillary Clinton for President in 2016?

You simply cannot justify supporting Lindsey Graham for Senate unless you do indeed support all his stances on the issues above. And this is just a sampling.

Lindsey has betrayed conservatives over, and over, and over again yet you blindly follow like sheep.

I'm sure the liberal democrats in SC and Washington appreciate your help.