Not so long ago, Larry Risvold and Jeff Mattux posted a video making outrageous claims against Bill Connor and others regarding character. Soon after, they took to social media to attack Bill Connor on his military record.

We responded then:

After our response, Lee Bright's campaign put a stop to the antics of Larry and Jeff, who just happen to be on Bright's steering committee, and we didn't hear much from them... Until now

Lee Bright and his campaign staff, along with Leigh Evans, Jeff Mattux and Larry Risvold, have been attempting to strongarm the Unity Group (a collection of TEA Party and Conservative groups around South Carolina) into endorsing Bright for Senate.

The problem is, that group doesn't want to endorse Bright. In spite of the constant bullying from Bright supporters and volunteers.

The Bright campaign has been hammering social media with numerous misleading announcements from polling numbers to TEA Party endorsements to fraudulently claiming an endorsement by and founder Erick Erickson, which Erickson publicly denied.

The strategy of the Bright campaign is simple. Take the attention away from Bright's inability to raise money, his massive personal financial debt and his questionable spending of his campaign funds and making everyone think he's the top dog to face Lindsey Graham.

None of it has worked up to now so Bright's Bullies have been called on again.

Bright has seen an erosion of support from the moment Bill Connor announced he was entering the race and the Bright campaign now appears to be in a free-fall to oblivion. Jeff Mattux and Larry Risvold, with the aid of Leigh Evans, are trying to throw out a parachute.

This week's Sumter County TEA Party meeting looks to be the latest attempt to derail Bill Connor as the lead threat to Graham as Mattux and Risvold have prepared an ambush. They're already screaming on Facebook numerous accusations vs Connor including (again) attacking his military record. Risvold has already been removed and banned from the facebook account of the Sumter TEA Party, just one of several occasions these two have been removed from social media groups.

And the Bright campaign is doing nothing to stop it.

Its commonly thought that alcohol issues are responsible for much of the idiotic ramblings of Larry Risvold and Jeff Mattux and while we do feel some sympathy for those fighting alcoholism, the condoning of their actions by Lee Bright's campaign certainly leads many to question just what Lee's priorities are.

The national conservative groups have already stated emphatically that they will not be endorsing nor funding Lee Bright's campaign so, at this point, the campaign itself seems to be an exercise in futility.

Its almost as if their sole purpose is to be the guy that finishes second to Lindsey Graham.

Much like the 2012 Presidential race, a large group of Lee Bright's supporters were vocally idiotic for Ron Paul. And during that campaign, it always appeared to be the priority that Paul finish second.... or "not last".

As abysmal as that turned out, why are they using the same playbook?