Its easy to blame Shinseki or Barack Obama for the VA scandal. Its also easy to lay the blame on the democrat controlled senate.

The bottom line is, there's a definitive reason these issues are ongoing and have been for years.

The representation in the US Senate and House of Representatives is light years from where it was 20 or 30 years ago in regards to veterans. One need look no farther to figure out why veterans are so badly protected and cared for.

While many watching the US Senate race in South Carolina between Lindsey Graham and Bill Connor try to point out that Graham is pro-military, the fact is, Lindsey is anything but. He supported the most recent budget that cut pensions for vets and all of this fiasco with the VA is happening right under his nose, while he does nothing about it except pontificate as it is campaign season.

In spite of Lindsey's service as a lawyers in the SC National Guard, and his claims years ago that he was a combat veteran, Lindsey Graham has no clue as to the needs of veterans and NEVER, not EVER, served in combat.

Bill Connor, on the other hand, has not only served in combat but is a highly decorated Lt Col (just approved for advancement to Colonel) that understands far more than Lindsey just what type of care that veterans need. Not to mention Connor's grasp on foreign policy is far ahead of Lindsey Graham. Connor has numerous times been frustrated with Lindsey Graham's support of Al Quaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and Egypt. As are we all.

Bill Connor is exactly the man we need representing our veterans and citizens of South Carolina in Washington. Lindsey Graham has been in the US Senate since 2003. Just simply take a look at the mess our country is in and you can see what kind of job he's done.

The VA is a just a prime example.