Name this person and the political party he belongs to:

Vocally supported and voted for US Supreme Court nominees of Barack Obama - Liberals Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan

Adamantly supports amnesty for illegal aliens currently residing in the US

Supported Liberal Leader Harry Reid on extremely important cloture vote allowing the funding of Obamacare

Won award from La Raza (The Race), a group that support anti-white racism and received tremendous applause for referring to those against amnesty for illegal aliens as 'bigots' and said he'd shut us up

Declared "war" on Republican conservative groups like the TEA Party.

Supported Al Quaeda and Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and Egypt.

Supported massive internet sales tax

Voted for cloture allowing gun control bill to move forward (Anti 2nd amendment)

If there hadn't been so much written regarding the above atrocities, over 90% of those answering the questions above would guess one of the liberal democrats like Harry Reid, John Kerry, Al Franken, etc...

The perpetrator of all those acts is none other than Lindsey Graham. And I'm astounded by those that support this traitor and even more I'm ashamed that I refer to some of you as friends. In fact, for some of you, if Lindsey Graham hadn't betrayed us like that and it was a Dem Liberal, most of you supporting Lindsey would be hammering that liberal for doing those things.

Your support of Lindsey Graham is nothing less than a complete betrayal of conservative values that many of you crow about on Twitter, Facebook and in person. Simply put, you are nothing but hypocrites.

How do you look at yourself in the mirror? How do you look at your children and say to yourself "this is in their best interests"? While I personally support Bill Connor, the person I feel is not only the best candidate but stands the likeliest chance to beat Lindsey Graham in a runoff, there are other candidates that would be multitudes better than Lindsey Graham on so many important issues facing our country. Why in the world, when he truly is at his most vulnerable in this election, would you fall victim to his glad-handing campaigning simply meant to pull the wool over the eyes of those voting in the upcoming primary.

Most of you that will vote for Lindsey on June 10th will also vote for Tim Scott. By voting for Lindsey you are basically cancelling out Scott's votes on important issues that affect us all.

All of those items above were issues that Lindsey Graham and Jim Demint were on opposite sides. Can you seriously say with a straight face that it doesn't matter? Think about where we might be right now if not for Sotomayor and Kagan supporting obamacare and voting against Defense of Marriage? Do you stand with those two? Yet you support Lindsey Graham?... who helped get them on the US Supreme Court?

Are you seriously so weak of mind that a simple handshake or acknowledgement from the great and powerful Lindsey Graham makes you pee your pants and support him?

Are you so in awe of the Great Betrayer that you care nothing of the future of this country and the state of South Carolina?

Or... are you actually a liberal democrat and just don't want to admit it?

Lindsey Graham is indeed guilty of those items listed above. You know it, I know it and the liberals along with Barack Obama and Harry Reid are hoping that enough of you are mind-numbingly stupid enough to ignore all those and vote for Lindsey on June 10th.

The bottom line is, if you, knowing all those things Lindsey Graham has done to betray conservative values, still vote for him in June 10th, you have no business whatsoever calling yourself a conservative. Your vote for Lindsey is nothing less than a vote for the socialist agenda currently being forced on Americans by the Obama administration and the liberal left, along with the help of Lindsey Graham.

In fact, why don't you just join the Democrat party. You wouldn't look hypocritical at all then. That vote does more for them than it does the GOP.