The liberal democrats need look no further as they have found a candidate for party figurehead.

Mike Dickinson, opponent for David Brat in Virginia's 7th Congressional District, has put himself front and center as the spokesperson for liberal democrats.

A self-proclaimed hater of all things conservative, Dickinson has even astounded liberals with his "reward" offer for nude pics of Kendall Jones, the 19 yr old the left has declared war on for her posting of hunting pics on her facebook account.

This is all very ironic from one of those that condone and support the murder of children in the womb yet vehemently hate those that support life and liberty.

First let me say, though I don't personally know Kendall Jones, that I'd be more than happy to have a private, personal discussion with Mike Dickinson on this subject. I'm willing to bet at the end of our discussion, he'd be much less willing to "put a hit out" on a young female like Jones. As a father of girls, I'd gladly defend her against this hippo.

Dickinson, a failure in the adult entertainment industry, likely pays for any nudity he sees, judging from his persona and appearance.

This goofball does have a bit of a history regarding hatemongering.

Here's a few of his past comments:


I have a suggestion for Mike Dickinson. If you're going to "go to war" with us NRA and TEA Party folks, you should perhaps be armed with more than the vomit you've been spewing.

Many of us know what "going to war" really is.

I would venture to guess the only war you've fought is deciding which latte you want at Starbucks.

As for deserving of a target, maybe Kendall Jones has already foreseen your own future.

Perhaps this is what upsets you so?