Connor Gets Endorsed By Major National Tea Party Leader


February 25, 2014


In the South Carolina Republican primary race against Lindsey Graham, Graham challenger, Lieutenant Colonel Bill Connor has received an endorsement by a major national tea party leader.


Retired Major General Paul Vallely has given his endorsement via a 3 minute video (above) which he recently recorded and volunteered to publish.


Major General Paul Vallely ret

Major General Paul Vallely ret


Vallely has become one of the leading heroes of the tea party moment over the last few years.  Vallely retired from the Army after serving is in such positions as Deputy Commanding General, Pacific Command. Vallely is now the Senior Military Analyst for Fox News, and also is the founder of Stand Up America, a PAC which seeks to restore the American republic and to replace establishment republicans with constitutional conservatives in Washington. Stand Up America describes itself as “The Standard Bearer for the Conservancy of the Constitution”.  Vallely also serves as the Military Committee Chairman for the Center for Security Policy.


Vallely spends much of his time traveling the nation speaking at tea party events and forums like the South Carolina State Tea Party Coalition Convention held in Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago where Vallely participated in a panel discussion on national security and the current state of the US military.


Major General Paul Vallely Ret at the SC State Tea Party Convention

Major General Paul Vallely Ret at the SC State Tea Party Convention


Vallely has in many ways become a central figure in the tea party movement with his unwavering and unapologetic resolve in publically calling on Americans to oppose the “tyranny” of President Obama and his administration, as well as calling out republican leaders like John Boehner for doing little or nothing to oppose it.  Vallely has called for a massive march on Washington where US citizens would send an unmistakable message that they will no longer tolerate the destruction of their country in what he calls “the most critical time in our history.”


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