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Trump declines Tim Scott Town Hall invite

Donald Trump, fresh on the heels of being disinvited to the RedState Gathering has turned down an invitation to Sen Tim Scott's schedule of Town Halls in South Carolina.

Scott's gatherings are informal and a great opportunity for candidates to speak to large groups of primary voters in the First in the South primary state and the snub will certainly not help Donald Trump's standing with GOP voters there.

Scott has been planning a series of town hall meetings in which the candidates individually discuss important issues with voters.

The Trump campaign says it interferes with his schedule.

Donald Trump is currently the ONLY candidate to turn down Tim Scott's invitation for a Town Hall.

Maybe the opportunity NOT to be attacked doesn't sit well with Trump, after all

"I am a whiner," Trump said during a recent interview on CNN. "And I keep whining and whining until I win.

As I was born and raised there, I can tell you South Carolina and voters in the south as a whole have never thought much of whiners.

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