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The ultimate battle for our nation's future is taking place

To me, there is one critical result that has to happen beginning one year from now.

The philosophical direction of our country's leadership has to be 180 degrees from where its been for many years.

That's a complete reversal of current and recent past policies.

For several years, conservatives have worked tremendously hard to put individuals in place that, through rhetoric and/or well-meaning convincing stump speaking and even prior records to some extent, have energized the conservative base of the party.

Some, like Scott Brown, turned their backs on conservatives almost immediately upon riding the wave into office. Others are simply so out-numbered in the US House or Senate that they can do nothing but continue to fight the uphill battle for conservative values.

Without assuring a massive conservative wave into both houses, there's one single way we can bring our nation back to its conservative roots and end the free-fall into socialism and liberalism.

We can elect a bonafide conservative President that we have no doubt will lead the charge and, to me, there's really only one person running that fits the bill.

I'm amazed that would-be GOP primary voters have not flocked to Ted Cruz in massive numbers, even before his charge up the polls in the last month. Since 2012, Cruz has repeatedly been standing up to the Democrats and RINOs in Washington D.C. attempting to protect our conservative values and principles, in spite of facing opposition from within his own party time after time. Here we have a US Senator that, after being misled on a vote, that stood up in the chamber and called Mitch McConnell a liar to his face, only to be punished by the establishment leadership several times afterwards.

Where's the outrage for that treatment of Cruz? Where's the support for him when he's steadfastly held to his beliefs that are right in line with the rest of us conservatives?

The facts tell us that in this GOP primary, there's no more a conservative candidate than Ted Cruz. Conservative Review rates all of the Presidential candidates and, hands-down, Cruz is the overwhelmingly most conservative on nearly every issue.

So given that we have no doubts about Ted Cruz' conservative credentials compared to the rest of the field, why is someone like Donald Trump ahead in the polls?

Celebrity awe? Media influence?

I've seen/heard many say that they like what Trump is saying... that its about time someone stood up to the wolves.

Most of those in that camp simply haven't been paying attention until recently, with the primaries approaching. Some of these candidates, including Ted Cruz, have been saying the very same things for years, just without all of the media fawning over them and the fact that you weren't listening.

There are several candidates in that list above that simply have no business in this primary. They are not nearly conservative enough to even be considered as our flag-bearer this time around.

We cannot get this election wrong. Its not a choice we have.

In order to get the conservative base of the party energized and committed to go to work this election, we must have a real conservative candidate. Nothing short of that will do.

I hear, every day, that Ted Cruz can't beat Hillary (in spite of polls saying different), or the birther nonsense, which is all just crap to muddy the water from those that Cruz threatens the most.

We've waited years to energize the base of the party and the time has come. We don't need the old guard or those that weren't pushing conservative values until this campaign started. Nearly every one of them on every debate stage up to now have professed to be conservative on issues that we have evidence they weren't conservative on in the recent past.

We need a leader that will turn things around and bring us back to the right track.

The evidence is in and there really is just one choice. In spite of the media making you believe different.


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