Blue Flower

The Death of the TEA Party

The TEA Party finally gave it up yesterday as one of its most vocal leaders betrayed the movement. Something I somewhat predicted months ago.

Sarah Palin caught a ride on a Trump jet from Alaska to scream endorse him publicly in Iowa.

Donald Trump has repeatedly, over the years, shown he's not a friend of conservatives and has establishment backing now in his fight vs Ted Cruz.

Personally, I never saw the fascination with Palin. When McCain announced her as his running mate my exact words were "He's lost now". Not because I'm some mountaintop guru but because it was a pandering move, much like Donald Trump's call yesterday in Iowa for additional subsidies. A platform nowhere close to being conservative.

Palin will not help Trump in Iowa to any extent. The voters there are fairly savvy and the Cruz ground game is much too strong. It might be just enough to keep Trump ahead in NH but in South Carolina, its bound to help tremendously.

South Carolina, after all, did give the Pandering Panda himself, Newt Gingrich, his only win of the 2012 primary.



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