Blue Flower is back, after a bit of a hiatus, is back to spread the truth and expose the lack of representation by our elected officials.

What you can expect from us:

No Favoritism

We will expose Republicans and Democrats. No partiality when it comes to party affiliation.

Presidential Campaign Info

We're supporting Ted Cruz at this time and we will be posting information relevant. If he messes up, we'll tell you that as well

Opinions on every subject

Our opinions are important to us, just sayin...

Political Ratings

We'll be rating politicians in regards to their conservatism. With, what else, bananas.

Guest Blogs

We're going to give others the opportunity to post on this blog as guest bloggers. Let us know if you want to be considered.

Blog rating

Users can show intensity of their favorite blog post by rating them with stars.‚Äč

There's going to be countless opportunities to make yourself heard. Follow along and comment on our blog posts and you could very well be approached about guest blogging. 

Donald Trump playing the game and you're losing


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Sunday, 25 February 2018