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Rand Paul's campaign future hinges on key KY GOP committee vote

Rand Paul wants to run for US Senator from KY and President at the same time, basically hedging his bets

Not so fast my friend says executive committee members in the KY GOP

From Politico:

Paul has been furiously lobbying Kentucky Republican leaders ahead of an Aug. 22 decision to rewrite party rules so he can run for president and reelection to his Senate seat simultaneously, a hedge to hold onto power should his Oval Office aspirations falter. Running for the two offices at once creates tricky legal hurdles that are only surmountable with the assent of the Kentucky Republican Party’s leadership and central committee.

Though that approval once seemed assured, several members of the party executive committee told POLITICO they’re seeing increasing trepidation, in part because of Paul’s perceived fade from contention but also because he hasn’t yet fulfilled promises to cover the cost of any changes.

“I think it’s fair to say that among members of this committee that they’re always aware of the financial impact of anything new on the organization that they serve,” said state GOP chairman Steve Robertson. “I think it’s pretty fair to say that members of the committee think this thing could be anywhere from $400,000 to $600,000. That’s obviously something that weighs appropriately on the minds of the folks on the committee.”

Others were blunter.

“There should be no direct cost to the party,” said Scott Lasley, a state executive committee member who chaired the party committee that drafted the plan Paul favors. “If the money is not there … then I think all bets are off.”

Without the money, another executive committee member said, Paul’s plan should be “DOA.” Yet another worried that Paul’s efforts to salvage a long-shot presidential bid could cost Republicans a must-win Senate seat .

“I do not want to lose a Senate seat,” the committee member said. “I am concerned that he promised that if he realized he wasn’t going to win [the presidential nomination], he’d get out. But when is that going to be?”

Rand Paul could likely be getting out of the Presidential race soon from the sound of things.


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