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Marco Rubio hauling establishment hopes in South Carolina

There are two major voting blocks in South Carolina creating a surge for Marco Rubio.

Establishment, and women.

Neither are surprising actually. As much as some of them want equal opportunity, women in race after race are drawn to the "golden-boy" candidate. One must only look at social media activity to get a good idea how accurate this is. I'm sure I'll hear about this one but to deny it is insulting to you and everyone else.

Another telling thing on social media is the number of Rubio supporters that are normally associated with Lindsay Graham and other candidates that are not in any way connected to strong conservative movements or the TEA Party. Thus, establishment...

I'm not going to call anyone out by name but I personally know a great many of the Marco Rubio supporters in South Carolina and most of them are at least soft on amnesty for illegal immigrants or its not a tipping point with them. I find it ironic that they continue to get fired up with their faux indignation for Ted Cruz calling out Rubio on his immigration stance when, as the image above indicates, Rubio was front and center with Democrats and GOP establishment hacks trying to ram illegal immigrants down the throats of this nation.

Rubio had the gall to accuse Ted Cruz of supporting amnesty as well, ignoring his own charge to make citizens of lawbreakers, when Cruz put forth an amendment designed to kill the Gang of Eight bill Rubio was supporting so strongly. Just ask Chuck Schumer, the Gang of 8 ringleader.

Bottom line, Marco Rubio has accomplished one single thing while a US Senator. He proved to his constituents that he would lie to their face. He repeatedly told voters in Florida he would not support amnesty while running for Senate.

We see how that turned out.


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