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The beginning of the end

In case you've had your head in the sand recently, a Dentist from Minnesota killed a lion he wasn't supposed to because his guides used bait to lure it from a preserve to private land. The internet (mainly Facebook) erupted with calls to ruin the hunter's business and filled my newsfeed with all sorts of vitriol aimed at this dentist including calls to shoot him as well.

Because a lion was killed in Africa

Meanwhile, 4 videos have surfaced that show Planned Parenthood executives/management candidly discussing the selling of human baby parts harvested from the roughly 329,445​ abortions committed yearly. That number results in $164,154,000​ yearly revenue. (yes that's over $164 million). PP reports revenue of $320 million yearly (that's what they generate), plus $487.4 million dollars funding per year from taxpayers and $223.8 million in private donations​.

Now for years, abortion supporters have told us that unborn babies are not viable. Yet these videos tell us that when Planned Parenthood harvest the individual parts of these aborted babies, the parts are all viable.

Granted, these videos coming out created quite a stir in the internetsphere and many were sickened by the business of cutting up babies and selling the parts.

But I've yet to see massive outcry. The dentist that killed Cecil the Lion has had to close his business due to the public reaction. Planned Parenthood is doing business as usual this morning.

Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee attempted to propose an amendment that would effectively defund Planned Parenthood. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell teamed up with Dem Harry Reid to block the defunding and ALLOW THIS BABY HARVESTING TO CONTINUE!

Where are the massive reactions to this failure to represent the American people? Why no protests over Republicans in the US Senate totally ignoring this barbaric practice because McConnell was mad at Ted Cruz for calling him a liar?

Why does it appear the killing of a lion in Africa is more important than the killing and harvesting of over 300,000 babies per year? Human babies!!!

Two Senators in the US Senate attempted to end this barbarity and instead of coming to their defense you people that call yourselves conservatives sat in front of your computer screens and screamed about an animal being hunted and killed.

Oh, by the way, the Senate convened for recess for a month so NOTHING will be done for at least that long.

And you guys allowed that to happen by keeping your mouths shut when your support was needed the most.

Thanks for that.

Cruz called him a liar so McConnell's revenge was to betray conservative principles... again.

Conservatives stayed silent while these two stood up to the RINOs. 

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