Blue Flower

I'm offended...

I'm offended that one race gets preference over another for jobs due to equal opportunity instead of experience and skill

I'm offended that I can't fly the flag that represents those that fought and died for state's rights but liberals can stomp on and burn the flag that represents my entire country including those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

I'm offended that I can be arrested for discriminating against those because of their personal beliefs but nothing is done when I'm discriminated against for my religious beliefs.

I'm offended that our justice department is so quick to condemn a police officer for protecting himself from a thug criminal but does nothing to stop the epidemic of inner-city murders prevalent in every large urban area in America.

I'm offended that our government leadership is working harder to assure that two men can marry than they are to protect the sanctity of a marriage between one man and one woman. Ya know, they reason they're here to start with.

I'm offended that foreign criminals, including murderers, are allowed to reside in "sanctuary cities" in this country without fear of prosecution while I could be arrested for fishing at my local lake without a fishing license

I'm offended that we can make a deal with a country like Iran and give them $150 billion to fund terrorism while we face trillions in budget deficits.

I'm offended that some are allowed to vote for this nation's highest office without proof of identification while I have to show an ID each and every time I check into a hotel room

I'm offended that our nation's border with Mexico takes less time to cross without detection than it does to wait in the drive-thru for a Starbucks coffee.

I'm offended that a nativity scene, a symbol of my religion, is not allowed because its offensive to those that have no religion

but most of all, I'm offended that despite the bluster so many of you show about these very same issues on social media and in conversations with others that think the same way, you're willing to not "walk the walk" and work to prevent the eventual destruction of this great country.

There are a couple of candidates this primary season that are truly worthy of the term conservative and can lead our country away from its current destructive path.

Are you going to sit on your hands and allow this all to continue or will you choose your candidate, donate, make phone calls, knock on doors, and/or attend events and educate others on the candidate you choose?

Immorality is trending, what will you do to help stop it?



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