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All of the "dirty tricks" coming from Rubio's campaign

Terry Sullivan, Warren Tompkins and Wesley Donehue...

Sullivan is Marco Rubio's campaign manager, Tompkins runs Rubio's PAC and Donehue is Rubio's chief digital strategist.

These three have been front and center of most of the "dirty tricks" perpetuated during several South Carolina elections the past 8-9 years and this one is no exception.

Its like South Carolina's own little incestuous political family.

Now these three are leading the charge pandering for sympathy support by creating fake "attacks" they are attributing to the Cruz campaign in order to push Rubio closer to the front.

All three of them were involved in the effort to take down Fred Thompson in 2008 with the website and at least two of them were directly involved in the Nikki Haley affair story with Will Folks in 2010 SC gubernatorial race.


Folks said that Sullivan, who was then consulting for Haley’s primary opponent Gresham Barrett, was one of the people most actively engaged in publicizing the alleged affair. Donehue, a private consultant at the time, was also said to be involved.

“Sullivan and Wesley Donehue. Their involvement in all of it was well-documented in emails and texts that I published in the aftermath,” Folks said. “Sullivan and those guys were very liberally involved in spreading it.”

Rubio-World in 2016 is filled with dormant feuds between the operatives who comprise it.

Rubio’s chief digital strategist Donehue is a well-known political operative with a history of questionable activity in South Carolina politics. As a consultant for firms that were paid by the Mitt Romney campaign in 2008, he reportedly created an anti-Fred Thompson website called that called Fred Thompson a onetime “Pro-Choice Skirt Chaser.” The Romney campaign threw Donehue under the bus and claimed he was never an employee.

Amazingly, the Fred Thompson staffer who called for the Romney folks to fire Donehue is now a Rubio staffer, Todd Harris. Harris and Donehue now work together on the Rubio campaign under campaign manager Sullivan, a former Romney aide himself.

Another current Rubio-world figure named Warren Tompkins was also involved in that 2012 fight. Tompkins, who now leads the pro-Rubio super PAC Conservative Solutions PAC, worked for Romney at the time and was also fingered in the website melodrama, though Donehue ended up with the blame.

One key aide to Romney from the time officially unaffiliated with any of the 2016 campaigns recalls Donehue’s mistake, telling Breitbart News that in addition to forcing campaign spokesman Kevin Madden to issue a statement throwing Donehue under the bus the website controversy alsso caught up with Romney himself at a press conference.

These guys simply cannot be trusted.

They all three know they can gain support by creating a fake atmosphere of attacks against their client and are feverishly doing so to get that support. They are involving Trey Gowdy and Tim Scott plus a great number of influential GOP folks currently supporting Rubio in South Carolina.

Eventually, it will come out that they were behind these things but by that time, South Carolina's primary will be over and the damage will have been done.

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A Game of Lies - The comeback plan for Rubio

Marco Rubio had a horrible week in New Hampshire.

After his robotic responses in the GOP debate, Rubio finished 5th behind even Jeb Bush, who seems to be an also-ran himself. Prospects were not good going into South Carolina and the Rubio team had to make a comeback.

They've somewhat done that, but on the backs of lies and misleading accusations designed to bring down Ted Cruz to get Rubio into 2nd place.

For many of you that aren't involved in the political arena, a second place finish for Marco Rubio in the Palmetto State would be a major coup, giving him some momentum headed into the Super Tuesday races. Something not deemed possible after NH.

Noone has any doubt that Marco Rubio supports amnesty for illegal aliens. When he's presented with the facts in that regard, without any substantive effort, he resorts to continually labeling Ted Cruz as a liar for bringing this up. This is all a carefully orchestrated plan to temporarily mislead the voters in South Carolina just long enough for a good showing on Saturday to gain that much-needed momentum.

Rubio's campaign staff and supporters in SC are made up of the usual suspects when it comes to establishment politics there and while the establishment label for Rubio is glaringly obvious for those that pay attention regardless of whether its an election year, the Rubio team just bulldogs ahead yelling "Liar, liar, liar" hoping to buy the time necessary to gain that much needed 2nd place.

Another way they are misleading voters is with images from the rallies and events they are having all over the state. While Trump and Cruz continue to draw obvious large crowds, the Marco Rubio's minions take close shot images in small venues to make the crowd seem larger than it actually is. The image below was spread by several of the Rubio campaign team after an event in Mt Pleasant SC with excited comments about how large a crowd was there.

The problem is, they took a bit too much image and, as you can see, the barrier of pipe and drape separates less than a third of the room they're in, giving the impression of the crowd being jammed in like sardines. They are, but the setup is purposeful, using just a small portion of that room.

Everything I've discussed above is politics as usual. Many campaigns use those very tactics when things become desperate and try to give an image of much more excitement around the campaign than there actually is.

I've worked for various campaigns over the years and seen it many times.

Don't be fooled by the tactics.

Vote your conscience Saturday and don't select your GOP nominee based on misleading tactics.

Stick with a consistent conservative.

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Marco Rubio hauling establishment hopes in South Carolina

There are two major voting blocks in South Carolina creating a surge for Marco Rubio.

Establishment, and women.

Neither are surprising actually. As much as some of them want equal opportunity, women in race after race are drawn to the "golden-boy" candidate. One must only look at social media activity to get a good idea how accurate this is. I'm sure I'll hear about this one but to deny it is insulting to you and everyone else.

Another telling thing on social media is the number of Rubio supporters that are normally associated with Lindsay Graham and other candidates that are not in any way connected to strong conservative movements or the TEA Party. Thus, establishment...

I'm not going to call anyone out by name but I personally know a great many of the Marco Rubio supporters in South Carolina and most of them are at least soft on amnesty for illegal immigrants or its not a tipping point with them. I find it ironic that they continue to get fired up with their faux indignation for Ted Cruz calling out Rubio on his immigration stance when, as the image above indicates, Rubio was front and center with Democrats and GOP establishment hacks trying to ram illegal immigrants down the throats of this nation.

Rubio had the gall to accuse Ted Cruz of supporting amnesty as well, ignoring his own charge to make citizens of lawbreakers, when Cruz put forth an amendment designed to kill the Gang of Eight bill Rubio was supporting so strongly. Just ask Chuck Schumer, the Gang of 8 ringleader.

Bottom line, Marco Rubio has accomplished one single thing while a US Senator. He proved to his constituents that he would lie to their face. He repeatedly told voters in Florida he would not support amnesty while running for Senate.

We see how that turned out.


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The race for GOP nomination is Trump vs Cruz

While Ted Cruz only received about a third of the votes Donald Trump did in yesterday's NH Primary, its now clear there's just two contestants in the race for the GOP nomination for President of the United States.

Unlike previous Iowa winners, Ted Cruz did not receive the media attention that normally applies after beating the "media frontrunner" for a solid win. MSM instead chose to focus on the golden boy for the establishment, Marco Rubio, and did their best to vault him to the top in NH.

Not so fast my friend...

In Saturday's debate, Chris Christie exposed Rubio for a pre-programmed talking point speaker and ruined any (marco)mentum the media built up after Rubio's exhilarating 3rd place Iowa finish. While its not assured that's the reason for Rubio's downfall in NH, it certainly didn't help him.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz was picked to finish 6th in a state full of moderate Republicans and instead vaulted to 3rd behind the two most liberal of the candidates in the GOP field. THAT certainly was a big surprise. But don't expect the MSM to give Cruz the same treatment they gave Rubio after Iowa. They have no interest in Cruz winning the GOP nomination and will continue to try and keep that from happening.

The Cruz campaign had no designs at all on winning New Hampshire, and their spending there is a perfect example of seeing the folly of throwing cash at the voters in the liberal-moderate state.

Here is a breakdown of each candidate's spending in New Hampshire (includes both campaign and Super PAC spending)

Jeb Bush $36 million
Chris Christie $18.5 million
Marco Rubio $15.2 million
John Kasich $12.1 million
Donald Trump $3.7 million
Carly Fiorina $1.8 million
Ted Cruz $580k

You might notice there that the 4 biggest spenders are part and parcel of the establishment and not adverse to throwing money around. Now this spending in NH is after the Bush and Rubio campaigns spent a combined $28 million in Iowa (by contrast, Ted Cruz spent just $6 million in Iowa)

It should be noted that just 23% of New Hampshire GOP voters consider themselves very conservative so the overwhelming majority of them are not the electorate the Cruz campaign is after but they're tailor-made for Trump and Kasich (moderates and liberals) and both democrats and republicans can vote in either primary regardless of party affiliation.

Now we come to South Carolina, where a full 2/3 of GOP primary voters are evangelical Christians.

The Cruz ground game is unmatched in the Palmetto state and we're just likely to see the very results we saw in Iowa.

My guess is that Ted Cruz has been patiently awaiting this moment and look for the next 10 days to be one of the most active political fights we've seen in recent memory.


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The ultimate battle for our nation's future is taking place

To me, there is one critical result that has to happen beginning one year from now.

The philosophical direction of our country's leadership has to be 180 degrees from where its been for many years.

That's a complete reversal of current and recent past policies.

For several years, conservatives have worked tremendously hard to put individuals in place that, through rhetoric and/or well-meaning convincing stump speaking and even prior records to some extent, have energized the conservative base of the party.

Some, like Scott Brown, turned their backs on conservatives almost immediately upon riding the wave into office. Others are simply so out-numbered in the US House or Senate that they can do nothing but continue to fight the uphill battle for conservative values.

Without assuring a massive conservative wave into both houses, there's one single way we can bring our nation back to its conservative roots and end the free-fall into socialism and liberalism.

We can elect a bonafide conservative President that we have no doubt will lead the charge and, to me, there's really only one person running that fits the bill.

I'm amazed that would-be GOP primary voters have not flocked to Ted Cruz in massive numbers, even before his charge up the polls in the last month. Since 2012, Cruz has repeatedly been standing up to the Democrats and RINOs in Washington D.C. attempting to protect our conservative values and principles, in spite of facing opposition from within his own party time after time. Here we have a US Senator that, after being misled on a vote, that stood up in the chamber and called Mitch McConnell a liar to his face, only to be punished by the establishment leadership several times afterwards.

Where's the outrage for that treatment of Cruz? Where's the support for him when he's steadfastly held to his beliefs that are right in line with the rest of us conservatives?

The facts tell us that in this GOP primary, there's no more a conservative candidate than Ted Cruz. Conservative Review rates all of the Presidential candidates and, hands-down, Cruz is the overwhelmingly most conservative on nearly every issue.

So given that we have no doubts about Ted Cruz' conservative credentials compared to the rest of the field, why is someone like Donald Trump ahead in the polls?

Celebrity awe? Media influence?

I've seen/heard many say that they like what Trump is saying... that its about time someone stood up to the wolves.

Most of those in that camp simply haven't been paying attention until recently, with the primaries approaching. Some of these candidates, including Ted Cruz, have been saying the very same things for years, just without all of the media fawning over them and the fact that you weren't listening.

There are several candidates in that list above that simply have no business in this primary. They are not nearly conservative enough to even be considered as our flag-bearer this time around.

We cannot get this election wrong. Its not a choice we have.

In order to get the conservative base of the party energized and committed to go to work this election, we must have a real conservative candidate. Nothing short of that will do.

I hear, every day, that Ted Cruz can't beat Hillary (in spite of polls saying different), or the birther nonsense, which is all just crap to muddy the water from those that Cruz threatens the most.

We've waited years to energize the base of the party and the time has come. We don't need the old guard or those that weren't pushing conservative values until this campaign started. Nearly every one of them on every debate stage up to now have professed to be conservative on issues that we have evidence they weren't conservative on in the recent past.

We need a leader that will turn things around and bring us back to the right track.

The evidence is in and there really is just one choice. In spite of the media making you believe different.


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