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All of the "dirty tricks" coming from Rubio's campaign

Terry Sullivan, Warren Tompkins and Wesley Donehue...

Sullivan is Marco Rubio's campaign manager, Tompkins runs Rubio's PAC and Donehue is Rubio's chief digital strategist.

These three have been front and center of most of the "dirty tricks" perpetuated during several South Carolina elections the past 8-9 years and this one is no exception.

Its like South Carolina's own little incestuous political family.

Now these three are leading the charge pandering for sympathy support by creating fake "attacks" they are attributing to the Cruz campaign in order to push Rubio closer to the front.

All three of them were involved in the effort to take down Fred Thompson in 2008 with the website and at least two of them were directly involved in the Nikki Haley affair story with Will Folks in 2010 SC gubernatorial race.


Folks said that Sullivan, who was then consulting for Haley’s primary opponent Gresham Barrett, was one of the people most actively engaged in publicizing the alleged affair. Donehue, a private consultant at the time, was also said to be involved.

“Sullivan and Wesley Donehue. Their involvement in all of it was well-documented in emails and texts that I published in the aftermath,” Folks said. “Sullivan and those guys were very liberally involved in spreading it.”

Rubio-World in 2016 is filled with dormant feuds between the operatives who comprise it.

Rubio’s chief digital strategist Donehue is a well-known political operative with a history of questionable activity in South Carolina politics. As a consultant for firms that were paid by the Mitt Romney campaign in 2008, he reportedly created an anti-Fred Thompson website called that called Fred Thompson a onetime “Pro-Choice Skirt Chaser.” The Romney campaign threw Donehue under the bus and claimed he was never an employee.

Amazingly, the Fred Thompson staffer who called for the Romney folks to fire Donehue is now a Rubio staffer, Todd Harris. Harris and Donehue now work together on the Rubio campaign under campaign manager Sullivan, a former Romney aide himself.

Another current Rubio-world figure named Warren Tompkins was also involved in that 2012 fight. Tompkins, who now leads the pro-Rubio super PAC Conservative Solutions PAC, worked for Romney at the time and was also fingered in the website melodrama, though Donehue ended up with the blame.

One key aide to Romney from the time officially unaffiliated with any of the 2016 campaigns recalls Donehue’s mistake, telling Breitbart News that in addition to forcing campaign spokesman Kevin Madden to issue a statement throwing Donehue under the bus the website controversy alsso caught up with Romney himself at a press conference.

These guys simply cannot be trusted.

They all three know they can gain support by creating a fake atmosphere of attacks against their client and are feverishly doing so to get that support. They are involving Trey Gowdy and Tim Scott plus a great number of influential GOP folks currently supporting Rubio in South Carolina.

Eventually, it will come out that they were behind these things but by that time, South Carolina's primary will be over and the damage will have been done.

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Sunday, 25 February 2018