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A Game of Lies - The comeback plan for Rubio

Marco Rubio had a horrible week in New Hampshire.

After his robotic responses in the GOP debate, Rubio finished 5th behind even Jeb Bush, who seems to be an also-ran himself. Prospects were not good going into South Carolina and the Rubio team had to make a comeback.

They've somewhat done that, but on the backs of lies and misleading accusations designed to bring down Ted Cruz to get Rubio into 2nd place.

For many of you that aren't involved in the political arena, a second place finish for Marco Rubio in the Palmetto State would be a major coup, giving him some momentum headed into the Super Tuesday races. Something not deemed possible after NH.

Noone has any doubt that Marco Rubio supports amnesty for illegal aliens. When he's presented with the facts in that regard, without any substantive effort, he resorts to continually labeling Ted Cruz as a liar for bringing this up. This is all a carefully orchestrated plan to temporarily mislead the voters in South Carolina just long enough for a good showing on Saturday to gain that much-needed momentum.

Rubio's campaign staff and supporters in SC are made up of the usual suspects when it comes to establishment politics there and while the establishment label for Rubio is glaringly obvious for those that pay attention regardless of whether its an election year, the Rubio team just bulldogs ahead yelling "Liar, liar, liar" hoping to buy the time necessary to gain that much needed 2nd place.

Another way they are misleading voters is with images from the rallies and events they are having all over the state. While Trump and Cruz continue to draw obvious large crowds, the Marco Rubio's minions take close shot images in small venues to make the crowd seem larger than it actually is. The image below was spread by several of the Rubio campaign team after an event in Mt Pleasant SC with excited comments about how large a crowd was there.

The problem is, they took a bit too much image and, as you can see, the barrier of pipe and drape separates less than a third of the room they're in, giving the impression of the crowd being jammed in like sardines. They are, but the setup is purposeful, using just a small portion of that room.

Everything I've discussed above is politics as usual. Many campaigns use those very tactics when things become desperate and try to give an image of much more excitement around the campaign than there actually is.

I've worked for various campaigns over the years and seen it many times.

Don't be fooled by the tactics.

Vote your conscience Saturday and don't select your GOP nominee based on misleading tactics.

Stick with a consistent conservative.

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