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I'm offended...

I'm offended that one race gets preference over another for jobs due to equal opportunity instead of experience and skill

I'm offended that I can't fly the flag that represents those that fought and died for state's rights but liberals can stomp on and burn the flag that represents my entire country including those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

I'm offended that I can be arrested for discriminating against those because of their personal beliefs but nothing is done when I'm discriminated against for my religious beliefs.

I'm offended that our justice department is so quick to condemn a police officer for protecting himself from a thug criminal but does nothing to stop the epidemic of inner-city murders prevalent in every large urban area in America.

I'm offended that our government leadership is working harder to assure that two men can marry than they are to protect the sanctity of a marriage between one man and one woman. Ya know, they reason they're here to start with.

I'm offended that foreign criminals, including murderers, are allowed to reside in "sanctuary cities" in this country without fear of prosecution while I could be arrested for fishing at my local lake without a fishing license

I'm offended that we can make a deal with a country like Iran and give them $150 billion to fund terrorism while we face trillions in budget deficits.

I'm offended that some are allowed to vote for this nation's highest office without proof of identification while I have to show an ID each and every time I check into a hotel room

I'm offended that our nation's border with Mexico takes less time to cross without detection than it does to wait in the drive-thru for a Starbucks coffee.

I'm offended that a nativity scene, a symbol of my religion, is not allowed because its offensive to those that have no religion

but most of all, I'm offended that despite the bluster so many of you show about these very same issues on social media and in conversations with others that think the same way, you're willing to not "walk the walk" and work to prevent the eventual destruction of this great country.

There are a couple of candidates this primary season that are truly worthy of the term conservative and can lead our country away from its current destructive path.

Are you going to sit on your hands and allow this all to continue or will you choose your candidate, donate, make phone calls, knock on doors, and/or attend events and educate others on the candidate you choose?

Immorality is trending, what will you do to help stop it?



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Kentucky clerk denies gay marriage licenses despite ruling

Kudos to Kim Davis - Rowan County KY Clerk

Its been a busy day at the Rowan County Courthouse in Morehead KY

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is taking a stand and has refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couple citing her religious convictions and gay marriage protestors and gay couples wanting those licenses are scrambling to see she doesn't succeed.

Davis, who has been very plain in her defense said, "her Christian beliefs prevent her from issuing licenses to same-sex couples and signing a marriage license for a gay couple would be endorsing or condoning that marriage" and she's absolutely right.

It might be noted that the judge-executive in Rowan County supports those wanting the licenses

Here's the latest updates from Morehead:

11:20 a.m.

A lawyer for couples who have sued a Kentucky clerk's office over its refusal to issue gay marriage licenses says they are considering asking a judge to hold the clerk in contempt.

Attorney Laura Landenwich said Thursday they are discussing how to proceed after the clerk's office defied a federal judge's order to follow the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling legalizing gay marriage.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has refused to issue licenses to any couple, gay or straight, despite the court rulings. She cites her deeply held Christian beliefs.

A contempt charge could carry a hefty fine or even the threat of jail time.


10:45 a.m.

One of the gay couples denied a marriage license at a Kentucky county clerk's office despite a federal ruling has joined a line of gay-rights activists waving signs and protesting outside.

James Yates and William Smith Jr. were turned away at the Rowan County clerk's office Thursday morning. An office staffer told them Clerk Kim Davis was on vacation, and the county judge executive also said he couldn't help them.

Davis has refused to issue licenses to same-sex couples despite court rulings and orders. She argues that her right to religious freedom exempts her, citing Christian beliefs.

On Thursday morning, Yates and Smith joined the line of marriage equality protesters along the street outside Davis' office.

For weeks, protesters have frequently gathered there, wearing rainbow colors and waving signs reading "Love won" and "Do your job."

Yates says that he's furious over refusals for his marriage license, but that seeing supporters has helped him. He says he knows the issue will be resolved.

"It's just a matter of when," he said.


10:10 a.m.

A gay couple who was denied a marriage license at a Kentucky clerk's office despite a federal order has appealed to the county judge executive, who wished them luck but said he couldn't help.

James Yates and William Smith Jr. were turned away Thursday morning. An office staffer told them Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis was on vacation.

Kentucky law allows judge executives to issues marriage licenses if the clerk is absent. So, the couple marched to Rowan County Judge Executive Walter Blevins' office.

But he explained that his office isn't equipped to issue licenses. He also said that because deputy clerks are at work and empowered to issue license, he wasn't sure his signature would be valid.

Blevins has been critical of Davis' refusal to issue licenses to same-sex couples despite court rulings and orders.

He shook the couple's hands and told them: "I apologize that you had to come today and walk away empty-handed."


9:40 a.m.

A Kentucky clerk's office has turned away two gay couples seeking marriage licenses, defying a federal judge's order that dismissed her argument involving religious freedom.

Hours after the judge's order to issue licenses to same-sex couples, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' office still turned away the two couples, one after the other, on Thursday morning.

Davis has argued that her Christian beliefs prevent her from issuing licenses to same-sex couples. After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled gay marriage bans unconstitutional, Davis stopped issuing licenses to any couple, gay or straight.

Five couples sued her, and U.S. District Judge David L. Bunning on Wednesday ordered her to comply with the Supreme Court's ruling.

On the street Thursday, gay-rights activists held signs reading "clerk not clergy" and "obey the law."


9:30 a.m.

A second gay couple has arrived at the Rowan County Clerk's office in Kentucky for a marriage license.

James Yates and William Smith Jr. were turned away a month ago. They've been a couple for nearly a decade.

On Thursday morning, they described a disconnect between the clerk's actions and their experience in the community of Morehead, a college town they say has long been open and accepting.

They held hands as they walked into the clerk's office.

From the street, gay-rights activists shouted "Good luck!" and held signs reading "clerk not clergy" and "obey the law."

The couple then waited in line.

Earlier Thursday morning, clerk Kim Davis' office turned away gay couple David Moore and David Ermold. On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered her to issue licenses to gay couples, rejecting her argument involving religious freedom and her Christina beliefs.


9 a.m.

A Kentucky clerk's office has turned away a gay couple seeking a marriage license, defying a federal judge's order that dismissed her argument involving religious freedom.

Hours after the judge's order to issue licenses to same-sex couples, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' office still turned away David Moore and David Ermold on Thursday morning.

Deputy clerk Nathan Davis says the office was advised by attorneys with the Christian law firm Liberty Counsel to continue refusing same-sex couples as it appeals the order.

Kim Davis has argued that her Christian beliefs prevent her from issuing licenses to same-sex couples. After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled gay marriage bans unconstitutional, Davis stopped issuing licenses to any couple, gay or straight.

Five couples sued her, and U.S. District Judge David L. Bunning on Wednesday ordered her to comply with the Supreme Court's ruling.

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Trump declines Tim Scott Town Hall invite

Donald Trump, fresh on the heels of being disinvited to the RedState Gathering has turned down an invitation to Sen Tim Scott's schedule of Town Halls in South Carolina.

Scott's gatherings are informal and a great opportunity for candidates to speak to large groups of primary voters in the First in the South primary state and the snub will certainly not help Donald Trump's standing with GOP voters there.

Scott has been planning a series of town hall meetings in which the candidates individually discuss important issues with voters.

The Trump campaign says it interferes with his schedule.

Donald Trump is currently the ONLY candidate to turn down Tim Scott's invitation for a Town Hall.

Maybe the opportunity NOT to be attacked doesn't sit well with Trump, after all

"I am a whiner," Trump said during a recent interview on CNN. "And I keep whining and whining until I win.

As I was born and raised there, I can tell you South Carolina and voters in the south as a whole have never thought much of whiners.

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Rand Paul's campaign future hinges on key KY GOP committee vote

Rand Paul wants to run for US Senator from KY and President at the same time, basically hedging his bets

Not so fast my friend says executive committee members in the KY GOP

From Politico:

Paul has been furiously lobbying Kentucky Republican leaders ahead of an Aug. 22 decision to rewrite party rules so he can run for president and reelection to his Senate seat simultaneously, a hedge to hold onto power should his Oval Office aspirations falter. Running for the two offices at once creates tricky legal hurdles that are only surmountable with the assent of the Kentucky Republican Party’s leadership and central committee.

Though that approval once seemed assured, several members of the party executive committee told POLITICO they’re seeing increasing trepidation, in part because of Paul’s perceived fade from contention but also because he hasn’t yet fulfilled promises to cover the cost of any changes.

“I think it’s fair to say that among members of this committee that they’re always aware of the financial impact of anything new on the organization that they serve,” said state GOP chairman Steve Robertson. “I think it’s pretty fair to say that members of the committee think this thing could be anywhere from $400,000 to $600,000. That’s obviously something that weighs appropriately on the minds of the folks on the committee.”

Others were blunter.

“There should be no direct cost to the party,” said Scott Lasley, a state executive committee member who chaired the party committee that drafted the plan Paul favors. “If the money is not there … then I think all bets are off.”

Without the money, another executive committee member said, Paul’s plan should be “DOA.” Yet another worried that Paul’s efforts to salvage a long-shot presidential bid could cost Republicans a must-win Senate seat .

“I do not want to lose a Senate seat,” the committee member said. “I am concerned that he promised that if he realized he wasn’t going to win [the presidential nomination], he’d get out. But when is that going to be?”

Rand Paul could likely be getting out of the Presidential race soon from the sound of things.


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Rick Perry Presidential campaign stops paying salaries

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has stopped paying staff for his presidential campaign, signalling what could be the beginning of the end for his White House aspirations.

Perry dropped out of the 2012 race just before the South Carolina Presidential primary amid a heavy load of negative press.


(AUSTIN, Texas) — Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has stopped paying his 2016 presidential campaign’s staff in the key early primary state of South Carolina, amid flagging poling numbers and sluggish fundraising.

Spokesman Lucy Nashed said late Monday that “tough decisions have to be made in respect to both monetary and time-related resources.”

“Governor Perry remains committed to competing in the early states and will continue to have a strong presence in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina,” Nashed said in a statement. “The Governor is also looking forward to his trips to South Carolina this Thursday and to Iowa next week.”

I'm one that think Rick Perry deserves more of a chance from Republican voters than he's been given. The state of Texas flourished under Governor Perry for 14 years and is still reaping the benefits of his leadership. Why a candidate with such a proven track record can't seem to gain ground with primary voters is more than a bit perplexing.

It is interesting to note that Perry's donations were just $1 million in the past month but his Super PAC has over $15 million. Presidential candidates have to build large organizations in key states in order to compete and campaign donations simply aren't enough for Perry to do so.

While the rest of the country has suffered economically since the crash of 2008, Texas has prospered, all under Rick Perry as Governor. The state has more jobs than it had even before the crash and the annual household income actually rose a bit instead of falling as in every other state. Businesses are flocking to the Lone Star State as are new residents.

Texas also has NO INCOME TAX and runs strictly on sales tax much like the Fairtax system.

Its more than a bit baffling why Perry can't connect with voters elsewhere in the country given he has a better record than any other candidate when it comes to economics.


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Winners, losers and those devastated in first 2016 debate

Lets take a look at how each of the candidates fared in the first presidential debate of 2016. (Saved Trump for last)

Clear winners:

Ted Cruz -

Cruz was very concise with his answers and easily outpaced the rest of the field with his grasp of domestic and foreign policy issues. He's also not afraid to "tell it like it is" and showed no regret for calling a spade a spade (McConnell lying). While goaded a few times he did not bristle up and fall into a petty argument as some others did. He also laid out exactly what he would do on first day in office something no other candidate was clear about.

My pick for best Cruz quote (among several) "If  you join ISIS, if you wage jihad on America, you are signing your death warrant".

Mike Huckabee - Clear, funny, passionate and no apologies, Mike Huckabee gained some ground during this debate. While he performed well, will be remembered for setting up the Trump insult then blasting the Hillary punch line. Note: Trump was bracing for it and relieved when it didn't happen.

Marco Rubio - Scored huge points with comments regarding Jeb Bush and Common Core and his candidate for the "line of the night" when speaking of God... “He has blessed the Republican Party with some very good candidates. The Democrats can’t even find one.”

Made some headway:

Ben Carson - While Carson has some trouble in a debate format with his methodical approach, was very engaging and passionate. Super final comments with the "half-a-brain in Washington". Ben made up a bit of ground tonight but is far overshadowed by most everyone else on the stage because he's so laid back.

Scott Walker - He could've lost some as well with the "mother's life" exception on abortion. Laid out his accomplishments and stuck to his message. Did not have the "gotcha" moment at any point during the debate. 

Broke Even:

Jeb Bush - Stuck to establishment policy and gave up some ground with Common Core answers. No win or loss and his campaign chest will keep him in the race for quite some time. Good job laying out accomplishments as governor of Florida but no big moments for Jeb.

Lost Ground:

Rand Paul - Seemed to have showed up to debate right after getting splashed at the arena urinal. Was not in a good mood and it played out on stage. Lost huge ground in a spat with Chris Christie just by seeming to be so bitter. With his current campaign team issues this was not the showing Paul was looking for.

Chris Christie - While Rand Paul lost the spat, Christie didn't fare much better. Was seen more as a bully than a Presidential candidate. Moderators hit him hard with questions on the job and economic numbers in New Jersey under his governorship  and while he responded well, that won't be remembered.

John Kasich - Had the homefield advantage and performed great for most of the debate. When it came to the subject of Gay Marriage, totally alienated the GOP Conservative base with his comments. Will likely fade into obscurity

Should've stayed home:

Donald Trump - The Donald set himself up for the line of questioning with all of his comments the last few weeks and he didn't respond to those questions well. While some would say Megyn Kelly attacked him, his answer by going after her will not sit well and he looked absolutely horrible to women that's a death sentence to a national campaign.

Donald Trump lost big-time ground at the very beginning when he refused to pledge he would support the eventual nominee and not run a 3rd party campaign. Totally soured the GOP base with that moment and it stayed with him throughout the night. Booed numerous times.

Unless you've been bit by the Trump Bug and still under its spell (or work for the campaign) this cannot be seen as anything but a negative showing for Trump. His anger issues did not play out well and we all saw the reason that Clinton is beating him in all the polls for a general election.

Donald Trump decided not to attend the forum on Monday night in New Hampshire and should've stayed away from this one.


Ted Cruz and Huckabee came out of the debate looking the best with Rubio not far behind. Cruz has raised alot of money for this campaign and it will likely end up with him vs Jeb Bush when it shakes out down the road. Bush will be the establishment choice but Senator Cruz is more than capable of energizing the conservative base which was needed in 2012 and didn't happen.

Other candidates like Kasich, Walker, Trump, Christie had moments where they totally alienated vast voting blocks in the GOP and will suffer accordingly.

Trump will continue to make headlines just by his brash personality but he lost a tremendous amount of ground in this debate and it will take a miracle to gain any more than he has at this moment.

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Ok Conservatives... Its Showtime

US Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, along with US House Rep Mark Meadows have drawn the battle lines in the war to keep GOP leadership from caving to liberals even with majorities in the US House and US Senate.

And they need your help.

While some will tell you there's not a chance they succeed, its really going to be determined by how many of you out there are going to force your congressional representatives to vote with their constituents, instead of teaming up with democrats to further the downfall of the American dream.

Ted Cruz stood in front of the Senate over a week ago and accused Mitch McConnell of lying (which was true) and after multiple spiteful actions by Senate leadership (McConnell and Harry Reid acting together) Ted Cruz effectively kept the Export-Import bank renewal from moving forward. At least for the next 3 months. Every democrat in Washington wants the Ex-Im bank renewed and has a deal in place with Mitch McConnell and his leadership cronies to make it happen.

As punishment (and the plan all along), McConnell's people kept Ted Cruz from adding an amendment that would defund Planned Parenthood, further exhibiting their more liberal leanings that ever before.

Mike Lee, in an effort to assist Cruz, threatened a vote on Obamacare, effectively tying the hands of the GOP establishment and forcing a delay for the Ex-Im renewal.

Rep Mark Meadows introduced legislation to vacate the chair which would cause John Boehner to lose his leadership position in the US House of Representatives. After Meadows started the process, Boehner's team immediately wanted a vote and started taking a phone tally to assure the Speaker would not be defeated in a vote but something funny happened along the way...

They found out he might not win.

So they will be referring the resolution to a committee in an attempt to keep it from coming to a full house vote but Meadows has a little something different planned. Look for an extraordinary full vote on John Boehner sometime in September.

The problem is, Boehner and McConnell, along with the democrats, will do everything possible to keep their leadership positions and continue compromising with Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the liberals to keep America moving backward.

So now its your turn to do your duty.

Email and Fax every GOP Congressman and Senator and demand they represent their constituents properly by removing both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner from their leadership positions. Here are a couple of sites with contact info including fax number and

Get on your phones, fax and email and bombard your Republican representatives and force them to stand with Ted Cruz and Mark Meadows.

If you don't do this, we cannot get true Conservative representation in Washington when its so sorely needed.

For 9 months now we've had majorities in the US Senate and US House and all we keep getting is the GOP Establishment working with Harry Reid and Pelosi to undermine conservative principles. Its looking like we have liberal leadership of the GOP in both houses.

In September, after the recess, the battlefield will be in Washington and the GOP Leadership, along with the democrats will try to do 4 things:

Increase the debt limit

Fund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare AND avoid a government shutdown

Push the highway bill with amendments designed to renew the Export-Import Bank (corporate welfare)

Vote on the Iran deal

Because of his deal-making, McConnell owes the democrats and its likely that the Iran Deal and Ex-Im Bank will be concessions while not allowing Cruz and Lee to succeed in defunding Planned Parenthood and Obamacare.

Boehner will be trying to hold on to his leadership position to continue with his deal-making with Pelosi and the other democrats.

Whether or not Boehner and McConnell succeed or not is totally up to you. You can join our conservative representatives in this fight or sit on your hands.

Its your choice.

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The beginning of the end

In case you've had your head in the sand recently, a Dentist from Minnesota killed a lion he wasn't supposed to because his guides used bait to lure it from a preserve to private land. The internet (mainly Facebook) erupted with calls to ruin the hunter's business and filled my newsfeed with all sorts of vitriol aimed at this dentist including call...

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Donald Trump playing the game and you're losing

​So many folks seem enamored with Donald Trump nowadays because he's saying what people want to hear.Couple of things to keep in mind:Trump has the absolute best marketing and PR people money can buy. His team has studied exactly what he needs to do to to garner support and he's following that planSecondly, Trump's history doesn't jive with what he...

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90 Hits is back, after a bit of a hiatus, is back to spread the truth and expose the lack of representation by our elected officials.What you can expect from us: No FavoritismWe will expose Republicans and Democrats. No partiality when it comes to party affiliation. Preside...

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